SCARLET+ Technical Workshop

On Monday 1st October, myself and the two technical leads from the University of Creative Arts (Marie-Therese Gramstadt) and University of Sussex (Rose Lock) took part in a technical workshop in Manchester. The main aim was to gain a basic knowledge of how to create Natural Feature Tracking(NFT) channels in AR, linking printed images to surrounding electronic resources.

It was a very informal affair, using a multitude of mobile devices to look at the test training channel content and imagining how it could be adapted for use in their institution. Using a pre-built template we were able to look at overlaying different types of content (images, 3D models), adding pop-up information and finally linking them to web resources. We also looked at the important planning stages, mapping out a user journey for each piece of AR using storyboarding.

It was great to see how much enthusiasm there was from Rose and Marie-Therese, plenty of questions and interesting ideas as to how they would present their materials. I hope that after the day had finished they were more confident in being able to create their own channels and realise the potential of using AR with their academics in teaching.

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