St John Fragment AR content

AR material relating to the St John Fragment has now been released as part of the SCARLET project in collaboration with Dr. Roberta Mazza. It provides the user an opportunity to surface contextual information about the most famous piece of papyri at The University of Manchester Library , view an expert academic commentary and see how the reconstructed pages would have originally appeared, both in ancient greek and translated to English.

Simply download the attachment below, open Junaio and scan the QR code to activate the channel content and experience the wealth of contextual resources that bring the fragment to life.

2 thoughts on “St John Fragment AR content

  1. Trak

    Reblogged this on junaio Blog and commented:
    Happy Friday! I thought we’d share the continued work and progress of the SCARLET team, using Junaio Augmented Reality experiences to improve the experience of examining and studying educational resources that would be otherwise have very limited access. As you can see in the picture below, some of these resources and documents are so old that they cannot be held, touched or closely inspected without external resources, and they are not always easy to access. Junaio allows the SCARLET team to visualize these assets reconstructed, in their original form.

    Once again, great work from the SCARLET team and we look forward to their future projects.

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