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SCARLET Focus Group

As part of the evaluation process for the SCARLET Project, I ran a focus group on 16 November 2011 for the students in Dr. Guyda Armstrong’s “Beyond the Text: The Book and Its Body”.  During the hour-long session, I asked some fairly open-ended questions about their own individual use of mobile technology, feeding into their … Read more

SCARLET evaluation

A key aspect of SCARLET involves finding out what people think about the content and use of Augmented Reality. By seeking feedback at an early stage we intend user experience to continue to inform project development. Using the pilot course, ‘Beyond the Text: The Book and its Body’ we have developed SCARLET content around 10 key … Read more

SCARLET user companion document

In parallel with the content development work, I have put together an illustrated document instructing users on the ways that they can interact with the supported content using Augmented Reality and web apps. It was my hope that the images would provide an overview of the process  with minimal text to reinforce the user journey. … Read more