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The SCARLET tool-kit is available to enable teachers, technologists and librarians to construct their own tailored AR applications within the context of Special Collections, adapting the University of Exeter’s (From ‘Unlocking the Hidden Curriculum’ project) toolkit. The toolkit  includes course content templates for AR, technical recommendations, an overview of the pedagogical and technical process, lessons … Read more

SCARLET+, adding Augmented Reality to the University of Sussex’s Toolkit

SCARLET+ was funded by JISC to embed Augmented Reality knowledge and skills at the University of Sussex (UoS) and the University for the Creative Arts by Mimas. The UoS wanted to investigate how they could use AR with their Observing the 80s project: http://blogs.sussex.ac.uk/observingthe80s/ This was our first workshop at the UoS; these workshops along … Read more