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SCARLET dissemination – conferences and meetings

The SCARLET team have been busy presenting sessions on SCARLET at a number of conferences and events during the course of the project. A summary of these and links to presentations are below: October 2011 JISC Online Conference Activity Week 2011 In October 2011, SCARLET featured as part of the JISC Online Conference Activity Week. … Read more

SCARLET features and articles

SCARLET has featured in a variety of journals, websites and newsletters in recent months. This post outlines a summary of key publications and provides access to each. CILIP Update Hodgson, J., Lambert, J., Ramirez, M. (2012), Augmented reality: a new vision for Special Collections. CILIP Update. February 2012, pp. 43-45. An OA copy of the article … Read more


SCARLET featured as a poster session at LILAC, the Librarians’ Information Literacy Annual Conference, 11-13 April 2012 in Glasgow. The poster provides a brief overview of the project and incorporates an Augmented Reality aspect. After downloading the Junaio app you can interact with our SCARLET AR poster to see members of the team materialise from the printed … Read more

SCARLET audio presentation

SCARLET recently featured during the pre-conference activity week for ONLINE: Innovating e-Learning 2011 Online Conference. The conference activity week started on 19th November 2011 and provided a great opportunity to learn a little more about innovative projects currently in development. The activities included representation from a range of JISC funded projects, universities, colleges and individuals, … Read more

SCARLET evaluation

A key aspect of SCARLET involves finding out what people think about the content and use of Augmented Reality. By seeking feedback at an early stage we intend user experience to continue to inform project development. Using the pilot course, ‘Beyond the Text: The Book and its Body’ we have developed SCARLET content around 10 key … Read more