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Tender opportunity – Jisc R&D consultancy framework

Jisc is a not-for-profit company that provides digital solutions for UK education and research. We are currently tendering for consultancy services in a wide range of areas in support of our research and development activities: Developer services User-centred design Augmented and virtual reality Scholarly Communication, Information Management and Library consultancy Data and analytics Research and … Read more

“Alexa, ask Jysk” – Hacking new Alexa skills for Amazon Echo

An estimated 30 million smart speakers have been sold in the United States alone, with devices like Google Home and Amazon Echo (“Alexa”) nestling in the corner of many living rooms, kitchens and yes – even bedrooms. Amazon are betting big that you’ll want one in every room, even selling the Echo Dot in a six pack and … Read more

AI can be DIY – a Raspberry Pi powered “seeing eye”

Scarcely a day goes by right now without a breathless newspaper headline about how artificial intelligence (AI) is going turn us all into superhumans, if it doesn’t end up replacing us first. But what do we really mean by AI, and what could we do with it? In this post I’ll take a look at the state of the … Read more

Unboxing the Mycroft AI open source digital assistant

Mycroft AI is the product of a Kickstarter campaign from Joshua Montgomery, who conceived back in 2015 of a voice activated digital assistant (like Apple’s Siri or Amazon Alexa) that was completely open source, built on top of an open hardware platform. Fast forward two years and $857,000 from crowdfunders and investors, and the first … Read more